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Five iron’s franchise program

Our team, as operations’ experts, has established Five Iron as the premier player in the market. We have achieved this distinction by focusing on providing unparalleled experiences for our customers.
It’s important to note that our success is not measured solely in financial terms, but rather by the value we bring to golf enthusiasts and entertainment seekers.

In addition to our exceptional golf offerings, we have perfected a Food & Beverage program that enhances the overall experience, keeping everyone engaged and satisfied beyond their time in our simulators.

Our goal is to continue leading the industry by delivering exceptional services and experiences to golfers of all levels.

Established as the nation’s leading indoor golf and entertainment venue, Five Iron Golf has experienced significant growth since its inception in 2017, expanding from one location in New York City to a total of 18 venues across 11 cities in the US.

Owning a Five Iron Golf franchise presents a unique opportunity to be a part of something greater than the conventional game of golf. Introducing Five Iron Golf to your community will contribute to enabling countless individuals to engage in the 5i way — granting them access to state-of-the-art gameplay, practice facilities, and an enjoyable atmosphere in an authentic golf sanctuary. 

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Why FranchIse wIth 5i

“Five Iron Golf has built a strong brand and leadership position in the evolving indoor golf market by creating technology-driven, eye-catching venues appealing to avid golfers, pure entertainment seekers, and everyone in between. This innovative business aligns with Callaway’s belief that the future of golf will be more accessible and inclusive.

– Chip Brewer, President and CEO of Callaway

We consider ourselves a golf and entertainment company, and we think of what we and others in this space do as simply being golf. And now, we have whole generations of people growing up with a completely different understanding of what golf is, with traditional golf being just one of the pieces that make up the game.”

– Jared Solomon, CEO & Co-Founder

Five Iron Golf is the pioneering market leader in urban golf and entertainment experiences, who not only created but defined the market for this unique blend of golf and entertainment, catering to a diverse community of players of all levels and interests.

Five Iron Golf has set the standard for transforming traditional golf, embracing the unconventional, and fostering vibrant communities through accessible and enjoyable golf experiences.

Who we are

As industry leaders, Five Iron Golf has developed exceptional operational expertise throughout its existence, enabling them to continuously refine their offerings, ensuring seamless operations and delivering unparalleled experiences to their patrons.

Proud to be backed and invested in part by Callaway Golf, a renowned company in the golf industry, this partnership further strengthens Five Iron Golf’s commitment to providing top-notch services and enhancing the overall golfing experience for their customers.

Corporate Support & more

5i franchisees will have the opportunity to learn from and work with corporate experts who have been instrumental in building Five Iron Golf over the past 5+ years.

Technology & Enterprise Systems

Marketing Expertise

Development Consulting

Operational Playbooks

Food & Beverage Program

Supplier Relationships

Business Development & Partnership Support

Become a part of 5i

Join the leaders in the market, Five Iron Golf, and be part of a community-focused vision that revolutionizes the way golf is approached, making it more inclusive, accessible, and enjoyable for all.


The initial investment to open a franchise with Five Iron is between $1.4m – $4.2m. There are a number of factors that will impact the costs including the market, the location, the desired number of simulators and current state of the location.

The Initial Franchise Fee is $50,000 for a single unit franchise.

The royalty fee for operating a Five Iron Golf franchise is 7%.

2% of all revenue is contributed to the Five Iron Golf Brand Fund. All corporate and franchise locations contribute to Brand Fund.

Additionally, each franchisee is required to spend at least 1% of monthly revenue on local advertising.

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